We all have our favorite resources we use each and everyday. I’ll do my best to share all my personal favorite resources so you can also benefit from these awesome tools.

I use these tools to keep track of the market, review my positions and find new opportunities that exist in markets that have yet to be fully developed.

This list is by far not exhaustive and I would love to hear above your most useful resources in the comments below.


Some of my most visited websites include:

Finviz – This is one of the best stock charting and stock research sites on the web. Even the free versions has a great stock screener and charts. I tend to use it to setup lists of stocks by sector or niche and I certainly use the stock screener a lot.

The paid version has some interesting features like backtesting, alerts and daily charts, but I tend to simply use the free version.

StockTwits – Of course this needs to be on the list. I mainly use this site to see what stocks are being discussed and on occasion I’ll interact with the group. However, for the most part this site can be quite a waste of time and distracting.

Reddit TomorrowStocks – I created this subreddit to track ideas, investments and discussions related to future technologies and trends.


Ted Seides’ Capital Allocators Podcast – Ted’s podcast is definitely one of my favorite investing and finance podcasts. Each week he lines up amazing guests that continue to enlighten, teach and motivate. You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or you can visit the office site here.

Invest Like the Best – Similar to Ted’s podcast above Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s investing podcast is nothing short of amazing. Full of great interview each and every week, I make sure to not miss a single episode.

The Peter Schiff Show – To be totally honest, I’m not a huge fan of Peter’s views on the market, however he’s entertaining and always has a contrarian view on the market. Sometimes when I want something light and easy to listen to I’ll switch over to his show. Just be careful, you might come away buying gold and shorting the dollar uncontrollably.

Real time stock and company news – For this I use a variety of websites for real time news including the Interactive Brokers real-time feed. Others include Seeking Alpha’s news feed and the site.


Interactive Brokers – This is the broker I use for my investments. Definitely one of the best on the street in terms of fees and access to any type of securities you can imagine. I does take some getting used to as the UI is not always intuitive.


I have read so many amazing books from topics that range from investments to time management and strategy. For a list my some of my favorites click here (coming soon).


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